Since 1976 Michael Saunders’s exclusive international relationships and powerful marketing strategies have developed and expanded to deliver the enhanced level of support essential in the sale of remarkable properties like yours. We bring potential buyers from around the globe to your door, resulting in the attention and interest you seek for timely, successful closing.

Michael Saunders & Company has the independence and flexibility to select only those international partners known for their widespread global reach and sophisticated marketing. It is our “layered approach” to national and international partnerships which connects your home to over 200,000 of the world’s top agents, and provides the kind of exposure a chain or franchise brokerage simply cannot equal. 

Today’s competitive market demands strong networking proficiency to reach the right response for each listed property. 

1 / Skillful Market Analysis

I’ll evaluate a set of facts and trends to determine the most effective strategy to position your home for a successful closing. By compiling the most up-to-date and relevant data I’ll be able to identify the critical marketing path needed for your property and advise where and where not to spend your dollars. 

2 / Pricing Effectively with Precision

When selling in today’s market, nothing is more important than determining the correct price for your property. With the abundance of information available to buyers, they can easily figure the fair market value for your property and will overlook your home if priced too high. I understand the significance of researching and establishing the right asking value of your property. Placing your home among the best-priced listings in its competitive class produces more positive opportunities, which include: more qualified buyers, higher number of prospects and showings, more offers, increased interest in your home, added financing options, expedited sales time and more net revenue for you. 

3 / Exposure for Your Property

Few area real estate companies bring the reach, command and style Michael Saunders & Company marketing. Our branded design is well-known throughout the region as one of quality, knowledge, professionalism and trust. When listed with us, your property is exposed to the largest pool of potential buyers possible through the following influential marketing strategies. 

4 / Broker-to-Broker Referrals

Throughout the course of the sale of this unique property, Michael Saunders & Company’s affiliations will attract qualified buyers to this area through their referral networks. Your property will be heavily promoted to these affiliate to procure a buyer.   

5 / Photography & Virtual Tour

I work with a team of photography professionals to capture the essence and emotion of the property, including structure, lifestyle, and ambiance. Through photo staging, creative use of lighting and varying the shots by time of day, my team will express the true splendor of the property and its natural setting. A virtual tour will also be built from the leading industry platform Matterport to show the fluidity of the property’s spaces. 

6 / Property Brochure, E-Blasts

I work hand-in-hand with MSC Marketing to create a professionally designed, full-color, high-gloss brochure that will showcase all the features and benefits of your property. Included in the brochure will be lifestyle features of the area, details about the property, and the stunning photographs. 

7 / Property Website

All marketing initiatives will drive back to a customized landing page for the property, utilizing Google Analytics to consistently track effectiveness and adjust the marketing strategy to garner maximum reach. 

8 / Professional Copywriting

MSC’s professional copywriting team will review all of the information we discuss about your property and craft engaging copy for use on the Internet, as welll as brochures, feature sheets, and various advertising.  

9 / Real Estate Website Marketing

Today, nearly every home buyer conducts a search for a property online. Michael Saunders & Company partners with hundreds of internationally visited websites to promote properties, as well as thousands of affiliate websites through the LeadingRE network. Here is just a sample of the site where your property will be, or where Michael Saunders & Company is featured, driving referral traffic back to our website.